Our unsurpassed experience, knowledge and passion for helping people recover from injuries make Mackenzie Medical Rehabilitation Centre the best place to start your road to recovery.

Our Team


David Violante

Clinical Director and Owner


Dr. Jennifer Violante

Chiropractor and Owner

Management team


 Elena Kvitsinski

Manager of Administrative and Support Staff


 Dr. Patricia Porco

Medical Operations Manager


 Jason Norman

Regional Clinical Manager


 Natalie Guerrera

Manager of Patient Intakes and Coordinators




Dr. Aaron Pereira

Dr. Ayden Banibashar

Dr. Cindy Jakeer

Dr. Damnish Saini

Dr. Hashim Ali Khan

Dr. Laura Tummonds

Dr. Mahsa Gordanpour

Dr. Mitesh Panchal

Dr. Nilav Bhowmik

Dr. Patricia Porco

Dr. Preety Somal

Dr. (Rudi) Sai Lam Chan

Dr. Ryan Pagnanelli

Dr. Sarah Lee

Dr. Sayma Mohammad

Dr. Simi Chahal

Dr. Yuri Charko


Registered Massage Therapists

Andy Vong, RMT

Daniel Landers, RMT

Diana Magnifico, RMT

Elad Granovsky, RMT

Elena Egudin, RMT

(Fion) Fu Yan Huang, RMT

Gabriel Lucarelli, RMT

Grace Mai, RMT

Hugo Yi, RMT

(Joyce) Jinying Xu, RMT

Joyce Yeung, RMT

Kimberly Enriquez, RMT

(Mabel) Shaomei Huang, RMT

Magdalena Dimitrova, RMT

Marco Bianchi, RMT

Peter Lo, RMT

Ru Niles, RMT

Vadim Chachashvili, RMT

Yaroslav Burneiko, RMT